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Welcome   Affiliate Membership Information  

Affiliate Membership is for persons who seek an affiliation with Prescott
Church, but who would also wish to maintain a non-Baptist denominational
affiliation or a membership in an out-of-town Baptist church.

One who would unite with Prescott as an Affiliate Member
would meet the following criteria:
  • Embrace the Mission and Goals of the Church;
  • Be a professing Christian;
  • Live in the vicinity charactersitically served by Prescott;
  • Freely elect to unite with the church at a worship service or business meeting of the church.
These policies would be taken to specifically exclude members of local Baptist churches from Affiliate Membership.
Upon specific request of a member and approval of the deacon body and the church, an out-of-town resident
could retain Affiliate Membership subject to the same policies for termination and continuation.
  • By a majority vote of the full members present and voting at a worship service or business meeting.
Rights and Responsibilites
Same as for Full Membership except as follows:

  • Cannot be elected as a deacon or to a position that would place him/her on a governing body of the church;
  • Cannot vote in church-wide elections, but which does not exclude the Affiliate Member from serving and
    voting on established committees or ad hoc committees;
  • Cannot serve as a Committee Chair;
  • On an annual basis, at the request of the deacon body or the membership committee, the Affiliate Member
    will indicate his/her intention to continue as an Affiliate Member.
Affiliate Membership shall end upon:
  • Relocation to another vicinity, except when the member requests
    and the church approves continued affiliation;
  • Recommendation by the deacon body or membership committee,
    following appropriate review, based upon inactivity of one year
    or other disqualifying conditions.
  • Death;
  • Request for removal from the member;
  • Change to Full Membership status;
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