MATH 1900
Analytic Trigonometry
Department of Mathematical Sciences
The University of Memphis

Course Description:
This is a one-hour course designed for students who have taken MATH 1830,
Calculus for the Business and Life Sciences (or Elementary Calculus), who now
wish to take higher-level math or science courses which require trigonometry.

We will cover many of the topics from our three-hour course in College
Trigonometry, MATH 1720, but at a faster pace and in not as much detail.

Rather, we will focus on what topics from trigonometry the student will need
in order to take MATH 1920, PHYS 2010, or some other course at the same
level. Also, for each topic we will discuss what is not covered in MATH 1720,
which is how the trigonometric functions are dealt with in calculus.

The topics to be covered include the definition of the trig functions in terms of
the unit circle, right triangle trigonometry, trigonometric limits and derivatives,
graphs of the trig functions and the inverse trig functions, and important trig
identities which are used in calculus. We will also cover the general solution
for oblique triangles, illustrating many of the applications of trigonometry.

Course Prerequisite:
A grade of B or better in MATH 1830, or approval from the instructor.

Schaum's Outline on Trigonometry, fifth edition.

Class Meetings:
Mondays and Wednesdays, 11:30 12:25, Room 249, Dunn Hall

D. P. Dwiggins, PhD (send e-mail:
Room 368, Dunn Hall (third floor)
Office Hours: 11:00-1:00 Tues/Thurs, 10:00-noon Fridays

Course Evaluation:
We will have five homework assignments, a Mid-Term Exam, and the final exam.

Grade Calculation:
Semester Average = (HW Avg + Mid-Term + Final Exam + Highest)/4 ,
where Highest means the highest score is counted twice.
After computing the semester average, grades are assigned according to the posted grade scale.

Attendance Policy:
As needed for purposes of reporting to the University.